Tour Copenhagen gives you the opportunity to experience Copenhagen in quite a different way.

Unlike most traditional guided tours in Copenhagen we focus on showing you a selected number of the city’s craftsmen who will introduce you to their crafts and the great products they manufacture. You see, unlike the general perception manufacturing is actually a vital part of Copenhagen’s DNA. The city is so much more than The little Mermaid and the various castles.

We represent more than 120 craftsmen, all living and producing in the city. So join one of our exciting tours, and experience some of the city’s finest products.

You can find inspiration in one of the many tours represented further down on this website. Or you can contact us for a tailor-made tour.

Looking forward to showing you a different side of Copenhagen.

Featured Tour


Christmas shopping guided tour 

Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 November at 10.00am


Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 December at 10.00am


With four different days to choose among you have no excuse for not joining us for a guided walking tour to local craftsmen in Copenhagen for that very special and unique Christmas present you are looking for.

We promise you a stress-free and fun day from 10am-3pm, including a short lunch break. We will take you away from the high streets and into a few selected shops where you will find local crafts and quality products which you can only find here.

November tours:

Body&Hair, leather goods, chocolate, caramels

December tours:

Eyewear, jewelries, hats and fashion

All tours are 350 kr per adult (incl light lunch) and 150 kr for children aged 6-15 (small children for free).

Reach out for your reservation by texting or emailing Asger:

Text: +45 2035 6579


Example Tours

Copenhagen Bike Tour

Copenhagen might not be a metropolis like London or New York, but our city is still too big to see in its entirety by walking on...

Vesterbro Tour

Starting just behind the Central Station the working class area Vesterbro is dominated by the parallel streets Istedgade and Ves...

Nørrebro Tour

Nørrebro is known as Copenhagen’s most culturally diverse city area, and appears as an extremely vibrant and exciting part of...

Amager Tour

The city area Amager is actually a large island in the south-east end of Copenhagen, which was once known to be quite a seedy ar...

Østerbro Tour

The city area Østerbro is known to be a quiet residential part of Copenhagen. Østerbro’s main street Østerbrogade offers qu...

Jægersborggade Tour

Jægersborggade used to be a run down and rather sad street in the Nørrebro District. Not anymore – far from that, actually. ...

Frederiksberg Tour

Frederiksberg is known to be a quite beautiful and sophisticated city area in Copenhagen, offering wide, grandiose boulevards an...

Inner City Tour

The old centre of Copenhagen, together with its paved alleyways, offers a lot of charm and is characterized by the oldest buildi...

Tasty Tour

For quite some time Denmark – and especially Copenhagen – has pinned itself on the gastronomic world map. It is especially t...

Ladies Tour #1

Ladies, keep your eyes wide open on this tour because it is entirely dedicated to you and it promises to delight you with the fi...

Ladies Tour #2

If there is something else besides chocolate that can put a smile on a girl’s face in an instance that is jewelry for sure! Si...

Gentlemen Tour #1

The Gentlemen’s tour is your chance to experience Copenhagen from its dapper and sophisticated side. Accompanied by Mr. Daugbj...

Gentlemen Tour #2

The Gentlemen’s tour is your chance of experiencing Copenhagen from its dapper and sophisticated side. Accompanied by Mr. Daug...

Thirst-quenching Tour

Even though in Copenhagen we suffer from the lack of sunlight there is still hope that the sun still visits us from time to time...

Furniture Tour

Denmark has a number of characteristics that distinguishes it from most other European countries, the most notable one being the...

Ceramics Tour

There are precious objects in a modern kitchen that are meant to be handled with maximum care and delicacy just like the materia...

Luxury Tour

The best experiences you can get in Copenhagen are not only characterized by passion of creation and love of tradition, but also...

Nørrebro Historical

Copenhagen is an old city and has a lot of different stories to tell you. When you walk around town, you will notice the well-pr...

Inner City Historical

Copenhagen is an old city and has a lot of different stories to tell you. When you walk around town you will notice the well-pre...


Tour Copenhagen

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Video presentation

TV interview with Founder Asger Daugbjerg

PS This video is in Danish. It introduces the concept, examples of the craftsmen in our program and the tour program.