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Tour Copenhagen started in May 2013 as an alternative to more traditional tours in Copenhagen. Unlike other tours, we don’t focus on The little Mermaid, Nyhavn or other more traditional sights.

Nothing wrong with any of these, but we just think that Copenhagen is so much more. You see, Copenhagen actually hosts more then 150 small and great craftsmen. Right here in the city, though not necessarily on the high streets. Manufacturing is also part of the city’s DNA and a great way to experience the city and understand its people and history.

Now, you can also get to know more about local craftsmanship here in Copenhagen and get the chance to meet some of the people designing and producing products which are being created with passion and authenticity.

All our tours demonstrate how Copenhagen-based manufacturers uphold proud traditions within their craftsmanship. Just to name a few areas Copenhagen offers handmade porcelain, delicious sweets, well designed furniture, beautiful custom-made motorcycles and of course some of the best beer in the world – all produced in Copenhagen with the highest quality of craftsmanship. We are offering you a unique insight in our vibrant capital, where you will be presented to some of the finest craftsmen, products and hidden gems in the city.

We have organized our tours based on Districts, Themes and History. Or suggest us your own desires, and we will do our best to tailor-make a tour just for you.

We wish you a great and joyful different kind of Copenhagen experience.

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