Ceramics Tour


Ceramics Tour

There are precious objects in a modern kitchen that are meant to be handled with maximum care and delicacy just like the materials they are made of, and if you didn’t figure out yet, we are talking about ceramics.
CPHmade has a range of members that produce ceramics and we can tell that each piece of work has a story of its own. This tour has three proposals of ceramic producers and they are: Inge Vincents, Tina Marie Bentsen and Signe Schjøth.

This tour can look like this (example only):

Jægersborggade is a street where there are located a lot of CPHmade members and Inge Vincents is the one we are visiting today. Ms. Inge designs and produces the most beautiful ceramics – often paper thin and at the edge of what is functional. Hence the product range name ‘thinware’. Here is where we will see purely white ceramics – Inge’s own signature – because she prefers a clean look of her thinware and believes that color can be disturbing.

We move forward to Vesterbrogade 24b, where we will go visit Ms. Tina Marie Bentsen. Ms. Tina Marie Bentsen is an artist who works in the intersection between functional and story-telling creations. Her signature is simplicity and colorful creations. All her creations are designed, created and hand-made in her own work shop in the Vesterbro district.

We wrap up the tour by dropping by at Signe Schjøth’s shop (Designer ZOO) at Vesterbrogade 137 where Ms. Signe produces her serie of ceramics – SIGNE SCHJØTH Interior. All products are developed and designed with an understated humour, love of the material and whimsical shapes and details. The inspiration comes from Signe’s ceramic art. Each product is handmade in Copenhagen and is a small piece of art.