Frederiksberg Tour


Frederiksberg Tour

Frederiksberg is known to be a quite beautiful and sophisticated city area in Copenhagen, offering wide, grandiose boulevards and voluminous trees here and there. In Frederiksberg, you can experience the astonishing park Frederiksberg Have, and you can visit the Copenhagen’s ZOO. Of course, Frederiksberg also offers a rich and vibrant shopping life, where you can find everything from small interesting niche shops to a big shopping malls.

This tour can look like this (example only):

Well start off by meeting up at Frederiksberg Alle, where we will meet Mr. Tom Rossau. Tom Rossau is a self-taught designer who is best known for his characteristic lamp designs. Mr Rossau has been working with light since 1997 and his designs feature sculptural lamps based on proud Scandinavian design traditions. The lamps from Tom Rossau are usually characterized by their rounded shapes made from wood veneer, which makes soft, cosy light burst through the handcrafted lampshade.

Next, we will walk to Acaciavej, where we will meet the workshop of Klavs Graae, founder of the leather-product company Graae Copenhagen. Graae Copenhagen designs and produces a wide range of leather goods, including bags, belts and wallets. Mr. Graae has more than 40 years of experience and is constantly seeking to deliver superior and uncompromising quality, and that is one the reasons why Klavs Graae is considered one of the very best craftsmen within his craftsmanship.

Finally, we will walk towards Godthåbsvej, where we will find the coffee-enthusiasts from The Coffee Collective. The Coffee Collective is a café situated in an old factory building on Frederiksberg, The Coffee Collective offers an extremely high quality of coffee, and the café roast its own coffee beans which give the Coffee Collective the possibility to offer just the kind of coffee they want to distribute.