Gentlemen Tour #2


Gentlemen Tour #2

The Gentlemen’s tour is your chance of experiencing Copenhagen from its dapper and sophisticated side. Accompanied by Mr. Daugbjerg you will be presented to manufacturers that represent craftsmanship for the modern, yet traditional gentleman.
During the tour you will be acquainted with manufacturers that create a diverse range of equipment for the contemporary gentleman, including magnificent motorcycles, A nifty knife maker and wonderful wooden architecture.

This tour can look like this (example only):

We will start off by meeting at Uplandsgade 72. Here you will meet the talented guys from Wrenchmonkees. Wrenchmonkees is a workshop that has a burning passion for customizing motorcycles and their little workshop on Amager has gained quite a lot of attention around the world.

Next, we will walk to Prags Boulevard, where we will meet the guys from WoodCouture. Petter and Sigurd founded WoodCouture with a desire to combine pure aesthetics with true craftsmanship. The products crafted and designed by Petter and Sigurd are always produced with a passion for uniqueness and high quality. The results are very diverse and range from handcrafted skis to furniture design.

Finally, we will visit the knifemaker Mikkel Willumsen. Mikkel Willumsen graduated in 2000 as a teacher in metal and woodwork, and decided that knife making should be his future. Mr. Willumsen started his interest for knives at a young age, and as a child he collected many different kinds of knives. Mr. Willumsen is driven by functional and quality-based design which is why he only choses the best materials for his knives.