Inner City Historical


Inner City Historical

Copenhagen is an old city and has a lot of different stories to tell you. When you walk around town you will notice the well-preserved charming old buildings, giving you the chance to see small glimpses of what Copenhagen used to look like.

Let us introduce you to three craftsmen that retain their businesses in buildings, where it all started!

This tour can look like this (example only):

We will start off, by meeting at Løngangstræde 25 where we will be presented to the fabric and tailor shop Hvidberg Stoffer. Hvidberg Stoffer is one of the oldest shops in Copenhagen, and has since 1780 distributed only the highest quality of fabrics and textiles to a wide range of different industries, including theatres, fashion houses and tailors. Nowadays, the charming shop on Løngangsstræde also offers high quality tailored goods like suits, shirts dresses and coats.

Next, we will go to Klosterstræde where we will meet Co’libri. From Co’libri’s workshop we will experience the making of Co’libri’s amazing quality of bookbinding. The small bookbindery uses only the highest quality of materials, including goatskin and hand marbled paper. Co’libri’s high quality is actually represented in the world’s best Restaurant Noma, where Co’libri crafted the wine cards.

Finally, we will walk to Peder Skrams Gade, where we will meet and greet the tie maker Søren Skifter. The Copenhagen-based tie maker is the third generation of the family-owned business “Søren Skifter A/S”, and with more than 90 years of experience within tie making Søren Skifter sure knows how a tie should feel and look like.