Jægersborggade Tour


Jægersborggade Tour

Jægersborggade used to be a run down and rather sad street in the Nørrebro District. Not anymore – far from that, actually. Today, Jægersborgade has completely reinvented itself and is now considered one of the most hip streets in the city. A key reason for this transformation for the better is the enormous efforts put into upgrading the street by its many small manufactures, boutiques and entrepreneurs.
We just love the street and hope you will do so, too. Let’s inject some Jægersborgade favouritism into you, as well, by showing you around to three of the most interesting small manufacturers in this street – just a 2-minute walk from each other.

This tour can look like this (example only):

We start at Karamelleriet, where Tine and Charlotte make some of the best smelling and tasting caramels in the city and where we will get a short introduction into the art of caramels production.

Then we cross the street to visit Inge at Inge Vincents, who has created her own signature ceramics – all white and all called Thinware. Inge will tell us more about her sources of inspiration and what Thinware is all about.

Now, when starting this tour with sweets, what is more appropriate than finishing in the same good style? This is why we step into RO Chokolade just next to the workshop of Inge Vincents. Here Rasmus Olsen creates his own very colourful and addictive chocolate. Just the right way to complete a visit to Jægersborggade.