Luxury Tour


Luxury Tour

The best experiences you can get in Copenhagen are not only characterized by passion of creation and love of tradition, but also by the highest quality of things. Within the category that we call ‘Luxury’ we will present to you some of our members that put a very strong emphasis on this idea and who focus on getting the best out of their crafts.

This tour can look like this (example only):

The tour starts with Pia Christensen, who will show us her unique fur designs for which she has chosen a traditional approach, yet in a quite contemporary version. We will stumble upon the showroom as we take a stroll around the Kongens Nytorv area.

Then we continue the tour by visiting one of Copenhagen’s finest jewelers, called P. Hertz – characterized by a very traditional style. The approach embraced by P. Hertz has resulted in a carefully selected range of exclusive jewelleries and we will get the chance to contemplate it at their shop on Købmagergade.

The final stop will be at Thorseng Lærche’s Modesalon situated next to  Kongens Have downtown Copenhagen. Here we will find a very elegant ‘dressing room’. Here all the designs come to life and Ms. Lærche’s haute couture models are fitted to perfection in excuisited materials of the highest quality.