Nørrebro Historical


Nørrebro Historical

Copenhagen is an old city and has a lot of different stories to tell you. When you walk around town, you will notice the well-preserved charming old buildings, giving you the chance to see small glimpses of what Copenhagen used to look like.

Let us introduce you to three craftsmen that retain their businesses in buildings where it all started!

This tour can look like this (example only):

We will start of by meeting at Nørrebrogade, where we will step inside the universe of Rud. Rasmussen. Rud. Rasmussen dates back to the 1860s and has been producing fine Danish furniture designs ever since, including the creations of famous designers like Hans J. Wegner and Børge Mogensen. Rud. Rasmussens mission is to produce Danish furniture classics in the very best handmade quality!

Finally, we will walk to Nørregade where we find Sømods Bolcher, a candy factory that looks like it has been grabbed from a fairy-tale, with its picket fence and cute old window with stripped shutters. The factory has been family-owned for more than a 100 years and the original recipes are still used today! In their factory we will experience the making of Sømods Bolcher and who knows you might get to taste a piece of the mouth watering candies!