Nørrebro Tour


Nørrebro Tour

Nørrebro is known as Copenhagen’s most culturally diverse city area, and appears as an extremely vibrant and exciting part of the city. With an ethnical touch and only a stroll from the Inner City area Nørrebro offers a diverse range of stores, restaurants and bars. We love Nørrebro’s diverse shopping possibilities, and we would like to help you navigate your way to some of the most interesting workshops this city areas has to offer.

This tour can look like this (example only):

We will start off at Ryesgade, where we will find Nørrebro Bryghus. Nørrebro Bryghus is a brewery that has an experimental, yet sophisticated approach to the process of beer brewing. Within the brewing process everything is allowed and every kind of taste is allowed as long as the craftsmanship is respected, and the result is superb.

Next, we will walk to Fælledvej, where we will find a furniture shop called LLLP. In the small shop you will find the designs of furniture designer Mr. Nicholas Rose. LLLP designs furniture from proud traditions of craftsmanship, combining simplisticity, quality, and functionality.

Finally we will walk to Blågards Plads where you will find the socio-economic project Place de Bleu. Place de Bleu creates beautiful and intriguing designs in categories like home-accessories and fashion. We will visit Place de Bleu’s workshop, which also function as a boutique, and you will be briefly introduced to what Place de Bleu is all about.