Tasty Tour


Tasty Tour

For quite some time Denmark – and especially Copenhagen – has pinned itself on the gastronomic world map. It is especially the trend of the New Nordic Cuisine which has prompted an increased focus on Denmark as a culinary nation, and Copenhagen impressively holds 13 prestigious Michelin stars. However, Copenhagen is much more than fine dining as the city also hosts some unique craftsmen that seek to uphold proud traditions of developing only the best tastes. In this guided tour, we will experience some of the best sweets in town.

This tour can look like this (example only):

We will start off by meeting at Jægersborggade, where we will meet the chocolatier Mr. Rasmus Olsen, founder of RO Chokolade. Rasmus Olsen has been working with handmade chocolate for the last ten years, which has given him the opportunity to perfect his craftsmanship and develop a unique taste of chocolate. At RO Chokolade we will experience a very high quality of chocolate and in his workshop we will be able to see the genesis of the chocolate produced by Rasmus Olsen.

Only a few hundred meters from RO Chokolade we will find Karamelleriet. Karamelleriet was founded by Ms. Tine and Ms. Charlotte and Kafamelleriet produces delicious hand-made caramels from their small boutique and caramel-workshop in Jægersborggade. At the moment, Karamelleriet specializes in six kinds of the classic butterscotch caramel, varied in classic tastes like chocolate, liquorice and mint. From Karamelleriet’s workshop we will experience the crafting process of these mouth-watering goodies.

Finally, we will visit the café The Coffee Collective also situated in Jægersborggade. The coffee-enthusiasts from the Coffee Collective offers an extremely high quality of coffee, and the café roast its own coffee beans, which give the Coffee Collective the possibility to offer just the kind of coffee they want to.