Terms and Conditions

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Once you have booked and paid a tour you accept all Terms & Conditions as specified in this document.

General Guidelines for all tours

All tours start on the exact time stated in the program. It is your responsibility to meet on time, and Tour Copenhagen is not liable to any delays on your side. If you have booked and paid for a tour for more than just yourself, you are responsible that your fellow travellers are on time, not Tour Copenhagen.

All instructions by the Tour Copenhagen guides must be followed.

It is your own responsibility to ensure proper footwear and clothes.

You are welcome to take photos during the tour, but please respect other peoples’ privacy.

If Tour Copenhagen changes the order of the visits to the companies included in your tour, this does not entitle to any refunds. In other words you accept any change of sequence.

You are responsible for any children you might bring to the tour and you are responsible for your own safe arrival to and departure from the place of venue for the tour start and finish.

If you break any items or cause any damage to any of the venues visited you are responsible for this damage and any and all costs.

All tours are at your own risk, and Tour Copenhagen does not have any insurance coverage for our guests. We have not deemed this necessary as most tours are walking tours, and involves no extraordinary activities besides walking and visiting craftsmen. We encourage, however, all our guests to ensure that they have an ordinary life and/or travel insurance. An ensurance that all should have whether joining our tour or not.

All questions and any complaints to Tour Copenhagen done per email will be answered within 24 hours.

If and when Tour Copenhagen choses to photo document a tour for promotional activities you accept this.

All tour timings are approximate and may be affected by weather or traffic conditions. We also reserve the right to change the tour itinerary at any time due to weather, acts of God and events out of our control. Also, please keep in mind that whilst we always guarantee that you will get the possibility to meet a specific number of companies/craftsmen on a tour, we cannot guarantee specific company visits. Because most companies in our tour program are small, they might be closed because of sickness or other reasons beyond our control when we have planned to visit.

Smoking, consumption of alcohol or eating is not permitted on any of our tours. On tours lasting more than 2 hours eating is allowed.

Tips are not included in the tour price – and are no expected – but if deserved, greatly appreciated.

Cancellations and refunds for scheduled tours

When a guest wishes to make a cancellation of a scheduled tour the following charges apply:

Within 48 hours of the tour departure, no refund will be given.

Within 5 days before the tour date 50% of the tour price will be payable unless the seat can be re-sold in which case the passenger will receive a full refund.

For all cancellations more than 5 days before the tour date there is a 5 Euro per person administration charge.

Once a tour has started – and/or if you should chose to leave our tour before time – there is no refund.

We reserve the right to cancel trips under exceptional circumstances. In such cases guests will be promptly informed and offered a transfer to a substitute tour and if the tour is a lower cash value passengers will receive a cash adjustment refund; or a total refund of all prepaid payments.

To confirm a private tour a deposit of 50% of the total tour price is payable on booking with the balance due six weeks prior to the tour date.  Where bookings are made less than 6 weeks in advance payment must be made in full.

If you chose to leave our tour before time there is no refund.

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