Thirst-quenching Tour


Thirst-quenching Tour

Even though in Copenhagen we suffer from the lack of sunlight there is still hope that the sun still visits us from time to time – very rarely, but it does! So if you happen to get thirsty either for a beer or for a freshly brewed cup of coffee, we are here to show you the best places to go, best quality and experience guaranteed!

This tour can look like this (example only):

Our Thirsty CPHmade tour starts at Mikkeller at Viktoriagade 8, where we get the chance to meet the incredible staff eager to present to us their best beer and the newest offers. If you are looking for a place to relax while having a good beer then Mikkeller is the place to be and here we will experience a great beer-tasting, right in the middle of a stress-free atmosphere.

The next stop is another brewery, this time at Gamle Carlsberg Vej called Husbryggeriet Jacobsen – the brewery of Carlsberg local Copenhagen-made beer. For Danes Jacobsen needs no introduction, so we will just present to you a very short intro here. The beers from Jacobsen are produced with a very traditional approach and it is based on quality, ingredients, passion and dedication. Jacobsen wants to make sure that we are always more than welcome to visit them and so we will do.

The last place to visit is within a different sphere, the one of coffee, freshly and passionately brewed by Coffee Collective! Coffee is what they live and breathe for and they want to make sure that the experience you get when drinking a cup of coffee from Coffee Collective is an exceptional one. So to all the coffee-lovers: be happy and ready to enjoy the best coffee in town!